Drop Foot Brace

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Foot Drop Overview

Drop Foot (also called foot drop) is a condition in which an individual cannot lift the front part of his/her foot. As a result, the individual’s toes drag on the ground as they walk.  People with this condition will lift their knees higher than normal or alter their leg movement as a preventive measure, both of which can lead to additional problems.

Drop foot can be temporary or permanent depending on the cause and severity. It is important to recognize that it is not disease; it is a condition that is often the symptom of a greater problem, including:

Because drop foot is a consequence of more complicated health issues, one’s ability to completely overcome this condition is dependent upon whether the root source is treatable or not.

Foot Braces for drop foot can help to heal the injury, alleviate the pain, and support the foot to move. Moreover, a foot stabilizer will assist to keep your foot in a normal and natural position. Drop foot is temporary ailment but sometimes it becomes severe with the passage of time if it is not handled properly.

Benefits of Foot Braces for Drop Foot

Following are the benefits of wearing Foot braces for Drop Foot

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