Web Scraping Subscription

Web Scraping Subscription


Dedicated Web Scraping Virtual Server for Amazon Product Sourcing


Platforms: Windows | Macintosh | Linux

Regions:  United States, Canada, United Kingdom & More 

Web Scraping 

Web scraping automatically collects details about products from a retail website. The process involves specialized software that visits online stores, just like a regular shopper, and extracts data such as title, price, quantity, size, color, and availability. This strategy is used to directly compare products from the retail website to Amazon, without having to manually search and analyze each product.  Our custom product sourcing spreadsheets contain everything you need to make informed, profitable product sourcing purchases.

Dedicated Web Scraping Virtual Server

We've automated the process of running web scrapes to download product data from the most popular websites such as Kohls.com, Nike.com, Vitacost.com, Macys.com, Target.com, and more.  There are currently over a dozen retail stores available, and you can download the product information for anything you search for - sales, promotions, brands, departments, and more.  

Included with your subscription is access to a dedicated virtual server with everything already installed and automated - no coding or experience is necessary.  Simply choose which retail store you want to create a lead list for, and the process is handled automatically.   

No Coding or Development Experience Necessary

This process automates the steps of running web scrapes from retail stores using existing script templates to start scraping immediatelyThere is no prior experience required.   The automated process creates a formatted, custom product sourcing spreadsheet that directly compares the products to Amazon, complete with information on cost, profit, ROI, sales rank, offer count, price stability, and more.   Only the items that have a direct match to Amazon are displayed, which saves you time and effort!

Create Custom Product Leads

Product Lead Spreadsheets are an essential tool for any existing or aspiring Amazon seller. Each spreadsheet is pre-filled with real data for products that precisely match specific items on Amazon. Designed to streamline your research process, these resources let you zero in on analysis and selection, transforming the way you source products for Amazon.

Discover the potential of spreadsheet lead sourcing and how it can provide you with invaluable insights into identifying successful and profitable products for your Amazon store.

Custom Product Lead Spreadsheet Contents Include:

  • Product Details: In-depth information about each product, including name, category, and ASIN.
  • Price: Up-to-date prices from the retail website as well as from Amazon.
  • Estimated Profit: Potential profit calculations for each product.
  • Estimated Sales Per Month: Insights into the sales performance of these products on Amazon.
  • Return on Investment:  Sort or filter products by the highest return on investment.
  • Price Stability:  Review the historical Amazon prices over the last 90 days and 180 days to anticipate the future buy box price.
  • Direct Product Links: Instant access to product pages on both the retail website and Amazon.com, simplifying your research process.

Web Scraping Community - Skool and Discord

Hiring web scrapers to perform product scrapes of retail websites can be an expensive, time consuming and confusing process.   As a part of our Amazon Web Scraping community, you'll be able to connect and network with other Amazon sellers learning how to use web scraping to take retail / online arbitrage to another level.  There are also frequent classes via Zoom to discuss strategies on how to utilize product spreadsheets to find extremely profitable products no other sellers are looking at or even know about.   

Features and Benefits

  • Start scraping immediately with access to your preconfigured virtual server.
  • Access to our online message board community dedicated to Amazon sellers and web scraping.
  • FREE 60 minute 1 on 1 tutorial via Zoom on how to get started with guided steps on setting up your environment.
  • FREE group classes to discuss sourcing strategy, finding and using coupons, using cash back sites and credit cards, and more.

How it Works

  • Guided 1 on 1 Training:  We will guide you through each step of accessing your virtual server profile, running your web scraping Python scripts, and how to use the automatically generated the lead list spreadsheets.
  • Online Access:  Once subscribed, you will receive access to our exclusive members only online community and Discord including a private message board for members with access to live and recorded webinars.
  • Complete Control: You are in control - you will receive login information to access your subscription and make changes, including the ability to cancel anytime.
Q2 2024

NOW is the perfect time to join our Amazon Web Scraping community and keep up the momentum heading into the summer.

Stop wasting time and money on virtual assistants, tactical arbitrage, and other manual sourcing methods.  Utilize web scraping skills that will put you in the drivers seat for retail and online arbitrage for years to come.  It has never been easier to make money in retail and/or online arbitrage.   Subscribe today for instant access.  Your satisfaction is

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