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** NOTE ** We are open from a home office and are actively shipping products during the Coronavirus outbreak.  All hearing aids whether brand new or gently used are sanitized with Sanigard, a hospital grade disinfectant that kills 99.999% of germs and is used by hospitals to disinfect medical equipment.

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For sale is a pair of gently used Oticon Nera2 Pro hearings aids (left and right) in excellent working condition.   This package includes everything you need for your hearing, including two hearing aids with receivers, batteries, case, ProWax miniFit, instructions, and cloth Oticon bag.  This also includes the Oticon Streamer Pro 1.3a for audio streaming. 

The Oticon Nera2 Pro miniRITE hearing aids are in perfect working condition and includes everything pictured:

  • Two Oticon Nera 2 Pro miniRITE in canal hearing aids (left and right) with receivers
  • The Oticon Streamer Pro 1.3a, with cables and charger
  • A black Oticon hard shell case with cleaning cloth
  • 5 full packs of powerone batteries (size p312), exp 03/2024
  • Instruction manuals for the Oticon Nera2 Pro and the Streamer Pro 1.3a
  • Black cloth Oticon bag with handles.
  • Fully cleaned, sanitized, disinfected and tested. The hearing aids are fully operational and function as designed.
  • Ready to program to fit with your hearing loss.
  • The item pictured is the actual one you will receive.
  • Comes with a 30 day no questions asked return policy.

These hearing aids are the highest technology model and are ideal for someone from light to severe hearing aids. Their noise reduction systems and directional microphones do an outstanding job at amplifying speech and reducing noise in order to give a perfect experience for their wearer.

NOTE:  Please contact your local Audiologist prior to purchasing this product. After purchase, you will need to have this product programmed prior using it.

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Oticon Nera2 Pro Hearing Aids - Oticon's Best Ever Mid Range Solution

The Nera2 Pro digital hearing aid range is simply the best ever mid range solution that Oticon have ever offered. Packed with advanced features that would normally be reserved for their premium range devices. Nera2 Pro comes in a wide range of custom, Behind The Ear (BTE) and Receiver In The Ear (RITE) styles with many color options.

The Performance Line includes the popular miniRITE style. The RITE model is IP 58 certified, so you can be confident that your Oticon devices are durable and moisture-resistant, standing up to even the harshest conditions.

Oticon Nera2 Pro - Oticon's advanced mid-level hearing aid with superior sound quality and many options for personalization. The miniRITE is a small, discreet, receiver-in-the-ear solution - the ideal blend of comfort and versatility.

Wireless Connectivity
Helps to experience better connections with people, information and entertainment. Phone communication breaks down the barriers to phone communication. Incoming calls can be taken by simply pressing the dedicated phone button on the streamer, and the caller's voice is streamed directly through the hearing instruments.
ConnectLine is the wireless solution that offers the most connectivity abilities in one integrated system. Start with the application you find most useful for your needs. You can always add more applications at any time.

The Oticon Streamer Pro for Oticon Hearing Aids

The Streamer Pro is the heart of ConnectLine giving you total control of program shifts and hearing aid volume. More than that it delivers control of all sources of audio-based information, entertainment and communication available to you.
  • TV sound is wirelessly transmitted to the hearing instruments via the streamer providing high quality listening. The volume of the TV for the rest of the family remains at a level which suits them.
  • Wireless and Cable Connection allows connection to various audio sources wirelessly or with a jack plug.
  • Personal Computer connect directly to computers so that audio is transmitted directly through the hearing instruments for clear , easy online conversation and listening.
  • Lapel Microphone allows you to enjoy clear and private one to one communication in challenging listening environments with a range of up to 15 meters.
  • Teleloop - The T cord built into the steamer allows easy access to Teleloop systems in theatres, lecture halls and places of worship.
  • Remote Control the streamer can be used as a personal remote for adjusting volume and programs for those who have dexterity problems.
CAUTION: This device is intended for use only by the individual for whom it is prescribed. Please only use under your own doctor's recommendations. SDC Deals will accept no liability on your use of this product.
Important:  According to the FDA, it is in your best health interest to obtain a professional medical evaluation before purchasing a hearing aid and you are encouraged to do so before purchasing this item.
The sale of this item may be subject to regulation by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and state and local regulatory agencies.
Return Policy
  • The Oticon Hearing Aids  can be returned for a full refund (minus shipping cost) for 30 days.
  • The item must be in the same condition as it was received and cannot have been used extensively.